Friday, 30 December 2016

Cynthia Suckhold,Cheri, December 1977


  1. I would be so sad if I happened upon this site and saw all the beautiful pictures and this is the one you decided to post of me...

  2. Hi Trple P
    I know fashions have changed in the last 40 years, and although I grew up with the more unshaved pictures, these days I prefer a more trimmed look and this is no exception. In comparison to the other gorgeous centrefolds you’ve showed, regardless of fashion, this is just plain awful: if there is any erotic content I am unable to find it. The lighting, printing, angle of view, stockings, fingernails, everything conspires to make me go “Yuk!”. The worse thing of all is that we don’t see her face: is she "desperate for it" or thinking "What time is my bus?". The latter I suspect.
    Keep up the good work, love your site, but no more like this, pleeese!
    Kind Regards
    Agent Orange
    Keeping Foliage At Bay

    1. I have posted the rest of her on Venus Observations.

  3. Personally I really really like this! I absolutely love this site for showing real foliage.

  4. Muito gostosa bela,delicia de cu e buceta,quero chupar todinha antes de meter gostoso,beijos bela...