Monday, 13 April 2015

Jenna Persaud, Penthouse, April 1987


  1. Saw Persaud in person at a Vancouver strip club (The Cecil) in the early '90's. Sadly, she'd had her breasts done but, boy, was she stunning. She wasn't performing, btw, just sitting with three skeevy-looking older dudes.
    If, like me, you were into mid-80's adult models/actors, it was a golden time here. This was a favorite stop once most hit the dance circuit after the video boom died out.
    In a very short period, I saw Amber Lynn (couldn't dance or, going by her flyer, spell), Keisha (twice - an all-time favorite!) & Stephanie Rage (just a wee thing).

    1. Fantastic. Shame as her bust here is perfect!

    2. I should also mention it worked both ways: A few Vancouver dancers headed south (around the same time), and had some fame modeling.
      Stephanie Adams is probably the best known.